If you ignore leaks in your home the water will cause damage in areas of your house that you cannot see. Click here to learn what to do.


4 Improvements To Help Protect Your Crawl Space And Your Home From Water Related Problems

21 February 2020
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The crawl space of your home can be an area that is vulnerable to damage that goes unnoticed. When there is a problem with water in your crawl space, you will want to repair the damage and do improvements to prevent water problems. Some of the improvements that can help stop water problems in crawl spaces include:  1. Problems with Condensation That Causes Issues with Your Crawl Space Foundation    The crawl space foundation of your home is an area that is vulnerable to changes in temperatures.
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Leaky plumbing can cause as much damage to your home as flooding. If you don't notice the leaks or ignore the leaks that you do notice, the water will continue to cause damage in areas of your home that you cannot see. Unfortunately, I have worked to repair a home that was seriously neglected by the previous owner. There have been some jobs that I have been able to get done myself, while other repairs had to be made by professional damage contractors. This blog will show you how to identify these problem areas, make simple repairs and help you know when to call in the professionals for help.