Killing The Biggest Assumptions About Household Mold With Facts

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Killing The Biggest Assumptions About Household Mold With Facts

Killing The Biggest Assumptions About Household Mold With Facts

12 December 2016
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There is one four-letter word that can strike fear in the heart of just about any homeowner: mold. It is ugly and dangerous and homeowners know that some forms of mold could endanger their home, their belongings, and everyone in it. There tends to be a lot of conversation about it. Unfortunately, this has led to some pretty major assumptions and misconceptions. Here is a quick look at a few of the most common assumptions homeowners tend to have about mold and the actual facts you need to know. 

Assumption: Bleach is the easiest way to get rid of a mold problem for good. 

Fact: You find some ugly mold growing on the walls of your basement, so you grab a gallon of bleach and get to work because this stuff kills everything, right? Unfortunately, this is one of those misleading assumptions that can get you in trouble. Bleach is powerful stuff indeed, but it is no match against some of the most dangerous forms of mold. Plus, bleach will simply stay put on the surface of most porous surfaces, like wood or drywall. What will soak in is the water mixed with it. Therefore, by using bleach and water to scrub away mold on the surface, you could just be giving the mold under the surface just what it needs to grow further and spread out. 

Assumption: Most people will have symptoms right away if the mold in their house is toxic. 

Fact: It is true that toxic mold can cause some pretty severe health reactions for some people. For example, children may start to show signs of symptoms similar to asthma if they are in a home with toxic mold. However, it is not always true that symptoms show up right away. Usually the only people in the home who will see symptoms rather quickly are those with lungs that are still developing or those who have pre-existing medical conditions that make them more sensitive to mold spores, such as someone with severe allergies or bronchial defects. Most of the time, it will take a bit before you see symptoms as a healthy adult. 

Assumption: As long as you get rid of the source of the mold and the damage, your home will be fine. 

Fact: This assumption comes from the idea that removing the visible mold and its cause should eliminate the issue. However, mold spores are small and invisible until they start to grow and spread. Therefore, even if you think you are eliminating the problem you see, it does not necessarily mean the problem is completely gone. It is always best to work with a professional to ensure you are actually removing all of the mold. 

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